1st Captains Yacht Forum by HYCA

The “1st Captains Yacht Forum by HYCA” took place on March 16, 2022 in the hospitable “Faros” Hall of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC). The seminar was addressed to Hellenic Yacht Crew Association members, Masters and Captains of professional and private yachts, who showed particular interest, actively participating throughout.

At the beginning of the event, the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, Mr. Ioannis Plakiotakis, addressed a cordial greeting, with a video message, followed by the President of the GYA (Greek Yachting Association), Mr. Michael Skoulikidis, and the President of EPEST (Association of Greek Tourist Boat Owners), Mr. Antonis Stelliatos, who highlighted with their positions the current issues that concern the yachting industry.

This was followed by the presentations – placements of the invited speakers, distinguished professionals, in the field of yachting and more.

In particular, they honored our event with their presence:

  • Mrs. S.Gialoutsi, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy and Mrs. Eustathia Reinou, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, who in their presentation refered to e-register, legislative framework, Law 4256/2014.
  • Mr. V.Tsiantis, Lawyer and Legal advisor of HYCA, who in his presentation referred to Maritime Law and Justice – Captain’s Responsibilities.
  • Mrs. P.Kaia, Charter Director, Atalanta Golden Yachts, Member of MYBA Charter Committee, who in her presentation referred to MYBA Captains Guideline, HYBA What to notice and be aware of Captain’s Responsibilities.
  • Mr. P.Chinakis, INSB CEO Chairman, who in his presentation referred to Flag State and Classification Societies
  • Mrs. M.Montesantou, Legal Advisor, A1 Group, who in her presentation referred to Greek/Worldwide Yachting, e-Charter permission & present status.
  • Mrs. M.Kouna, Accountant, Tax Advisor, Amaltheia Consulting Partnership, who in her presentation referred to e-Mitroo, NEPA, Tips, Taxation.
  • Mr. E.Spyrou, Council Vice President Maritime Studies Saint Thomas Polytechnic Singapore, who in his presentation referred to Negatiation with Guest, Crew, Owners,
  • Mr. N.Patsiokas, COO BWA Yachting SAM, who in his presentation referred to Charter Yacht Regulations, MED How they treat EU flags
  • Mr. I.Pachoundakis, Council Vice President Maritime Studies Saint Thomas Polytechnic Singapore, who in his presenation referred to Crew Leadeship and Crisis Management.
  • Mr. F.Geranios, Charter Manager, IYC, who in his presentation referred to List of Expenses, Tips, DOs and DON’Ts

An important role for the successful completion of the event was the full support and assistance of the sponsors of the event, “ATLAS SHIPYARDS”, “SLAM”, “IYC”, “SEA SCAPE”, “MAREFIND”,”YACHTLOVE”,”ISTION”,“AEOLOS”,“NEPTUNEA”,“A1GROUP”,“TEGOHOME”,“GOLDEN YACHTS”,“SEAZONE”,“ATALANTA GODLEN YACHTS”,“GYA GREEK YACHTING ASSOCIATION”,”ODYSEAS MARINA MEGANISI”,“ SKIPPER ON DECK”,“FYTROS ”,“CAVA HALARI ”,“ TSAGARIS YACHT PAINTING ”, who at the end of the event distributed rich gifts to the attendees.

Hosted at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Athens Greece.


Symposium “Resilience & Diversity in Shipping”

A symposium was held on January 15th 2020 at the Volos Port Authority HQ seeking out the opportunities and perspectives for development in the field of Maritime in the areas of Resilience and Diversity Management and how vital they are in terms of job creation and entrepreneurship in Shipping.

Volos, Greece has always been an important trading port of the Middle East in connection with the European Eastern Mediterranean. Today we are once again facing a dynamic opportunity to productively develop the Port of Volos in the context of new international challenges in our wider region.

The symposium was co-organised by:

  • Magniton Kivotos
  • Maritime Action in Singapore & South Asia – Saint Thomas Polytechnic
  • University of Patras – LLP Shipping Programmes
  • European Institute of Law, Science and Technology
  • Institute of International Nautical Studies
  • Skiathos Nautical & Cultural Tradition Museum

Seminar “Pastoral Care in Shipping”


The “Enoria En Drasei” project («Ενορία εν δράσει…» του Ιερού Ναού Ευαγγελιστρίας Πειραιώς) in collaboration with the «Institute of International Nautical Studies» created a free scientific seminar titled: «Pastoral Care in Shipping».

The seminar aims at offering participants the essential knowledge and skills required in the Pastoral Care of seafarers, in accordance with the continuing education and practical training of professionals and clergy.

Individuals may apply in the following link or at Secretary of the Piraeus Evagelistria Church (50 Voulgari Str, Piraeus, Tel.: 2104125619).

Shipping: A maiden voyage for Pemptousia


From the very first day of its operation to the present day, Pemptousia brings together science and culture with the authentic Christian tradition. Shipping is incessantly interwoven with Greek history and culture since ancient times. The scientific approach and teaching of shipping in the classrooms highlights the utmost importance of the development and inner formation of the human personality. The contact between Shipping and the principles of Orthodox spiritual life could open the horizons for a new field of inter-scientific dialogue between shipping and theology in a productive and highly promising perspective.

Thus, Pemptousia is sailing to new horizons with the creation of the Shipping Section. This voyage is led by experienced scientists and professionals who contribute to the editing of this interesting new field.

First article: The anthropology of Marine Labour

Sponsor of the 1st Aegean College Shipping Conference


The Institute of International Nautical Studies was the media sponsor την διοργάνωση of the 1st Aegean College Conference  “Sea…your future career”  that took place at the  Aegean College Piraeus campus  on May 25th 2017 under the hospices of the Municipality of Piraeus.

List of Speakers:

  • Sotiris Karpouzis, Director & Senior Advisor, Sinokor Maritime South Korea
  • Capt. George Vasilakis, Managing Director, Optimum Ship Services
  • Isidoros Pachoundakis, Training Director, Phoenix Registry of Shipping
  • Capt. Spyridon Kotzias, Master Mariner, Minerva Marine Inc.
  • Nikolaos Rodopoulos, President of the Hellenic Logistics Association
  • Ioannis Dagkinis, Merchant Marine Engineer. PhDCand University of Aegean
  • Laura Maska, Representative of Canterbury CC University (UK), Head of Postgraduate Programmes AOC
  •  Coordinator: Dionysis Notarakis, “Efoplistis” magazine


European Commission Workshop on Maritime Academies


The International Workshop on Maritime Academies was organized by the European Commission via ECORYS at the Headquarters of the Italian Coast Guard in Rome on April 22nd 2016. Professors I.Pachoundakis and S.Spyrou participated in the workshop and advocated the adoption of the distance learning in the European Maritime Education Institutions.

The goal of the workshop was to deliberate on the policies and strategies needed for the collaboration in the field of Maritime Education between the countries of the Middle East and North Africa (Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Libanon, Turkey) and the EU member states (Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece).

The Workshop was organized by:

east med

Download the final report of the European Commission:

Maritime Academies – Final Report and annexes_template EC_0

Hellenic Coast Guard Conference

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Training Conference of the 5th Regional Administration of the Hellenic Coast Guard, titled “Managing Refugee and Immigration Flows in the EU” took place at the Patras Chamber of Commerce on April 19th 2016. The participants comprised of Officers and Deputy Officers of the Hellenic Coast Guard, the Armed Forces and law enforcement bodies.

This important initiative was held by the Commander of the 5th Regional Administration of the Hellenic Coast Guard, Chief Stamatios Kalogetonas, who pointed out the activities of the HCG at a national and regional level and the Diversity Management Applications and Policies in order to effectively address refugee and migratory flows. The key speakers were the Harbourmaster of Patras Capt. T.Korontzis, instructors I.Pachoundakis, S.Spyrou and P.Manolakos, ass.professor of the University of Patras L.Amanatidis and the MCA Director Mrs.J.Pavlakou.



Meeting with Cardinal P.Tighe at the Vatican

On April 21st 2016, Mons. Paul Tighe, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Culture of the Vatican met with professors I.Pachoundakis and S.Spyrou as part of an educational visit to Rome, Italy.

The purpose of the meeting was to acknowledge the paramount contribution of the Catholic Church to World Culture and Education, as well as its contribution to Humanity though its social policies.

With the support of the Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See in Greece:bandera-de-ciudad-del-vaticano

Seminar “Maritime Diversity Management”

marine diversityAs part of the Xinis Education Festival 2016, a training seminar on Marine Diversity Management was presented to over 120 students of Shipping Studies in Piraeus by the representative of the Institute of International Nautical Studies prof. I.Pachoundakis on March 29th.

Founding of the Blue Career Centre for the Eastern Mediterranean

east medlogosThe programme “Shipping Management” of the Dept. of Economics of the Univesity of Piraeus and the academic coordinators I.Pachoundakis and S.Spyrou, founded and participate in the Blue Career Centre for the Eastern Mediterranean along with:

  • the Merchant Marine Department of the Ministry of Transport of Cyprus,
  • the University of Cyprus,
  • the Cypriot Chamber of Commerce,
  • the Cyprus Maritime Academy,
  • the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport,
  • the National Technical University of Athens,
  • the Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies
  • Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport
  • the Al-Manar University Lebanon,
  • the Istanbul Technical Univesity
  • Chair: Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean

The Blue Career Center for the Eastern Mediterranean was founded on the initiative of Ecorys (Brussels) on behalf of the European Commission to contribute to the creation of sustainable development and jobs in the eastern Mediterranean region within the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Maritime Policy and Fisheries.