Sponsor of the 1st Aegean College Shipping Conference


The Institute of International Nautical Studies was the media sponsor την διοργάνωση of the 1st Aegean College Conference  “Sea…your future career”  that took place at the  Aegean College Piraeus campus  on May 25th 2017 under the hospices of the Municipality of Piraeus.

List of Speakers:

  • Sotiris Karpouzis, Director & Senior Advisor, Sinokor Maritime South Korea
  • Capt. George Vasilakis, Managing Director, Optimum Ship Services
  • Isidoros Pachoundakis, Training Director, Phoenix Registry of Shipping
  • Capt. Spyridon Kotzias, Master Mariner, Minerva Marine Inc.
  • Nikolaos Rodopoulos, President of the Hellenic Logistics Association
  • Ioannis Dagkinis, Merchant Marine Engineer. PhDCand University of Aegean
  • Laura Maska, Representative of Canterbury CC University (UK), Head of Postgraduate Programmes AOC
  •  Coordinator: Dionysis Notarakis, “Efoplistis” magazine



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