Founding of the Blue Career Centre for the Eastern Mediterranean

east medlogosThe programme “Shipping Management” of the Dept. of Economics of the Univesity of Piraeus and the academic coordinators I.Pachoundakis and S.Spyrou, founded and participate in the Blue Career Centre for the Eastern Mediterranean along with:

  • the Merchant Marine Department of the Ministry of Transport of Cyprus,
  • the University of Cyprus,
  • the Cypriot Chamber of Commerce,
  • the Cyprus Maritime Academy,
  • the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport,
  • the National Technical University of Athens,
  • the Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies
  • Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport
  • the Al-Manar University Lebanon,
  • the Istanbul Technical Univesity
  • Chair: Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean

The Blue Career Center for the Eastern Mediterranean was founded on the initiative of Ecorys (Brussels) on behalf of the European Commission to contribute to the creation of sustainable development and jobs in the eastern Mediterranean region within the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Maritime Policy and Fisheries.


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