St Thomas Polytechnic, Singapore

Saint Thomas Polytechnic was founded in order to offer postgraduate programmes and life-long learning programmes that meet the established need of the Global Industry for integrated and optimum educational services. We are a a broad-based, research-intensive institution, open to all who can benefit, and delivering excellent interdisciplinary research, experiential education and civic engagement.

Back in 2018, the Orth. Metropolitanate of Singapore and South Asia, along with the Institute of International Nautical Studies, established Saint Thomas Polytechnic as a Class 41 (Education) TM under the Law of Singapore (No. 40201824654U) as part of the Maritime Action 2018 initiative.

In 2020, Saint Thomas Polytechnic gained an independent status and we expanded our operations abroad. We established the European Branch of Saint Thomas Polytechnic RC (Reg.No.489529) to promote efficient education, research development and decision-making and foster a transnational community of scholars, professionals and policy-makers through the idea of ​​the Eurasian Educational Research Space.


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